(Diagonal hip extension)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Diagonal hip extension glutes, hams, core
Let’s begin in ready position. The next movement is designed for hip extension. Take your right leg back and off the board in a straight line fashion and then return to the board. Take it back and replace. Kick it off and keep the knee straight to the best of your ability. Keep the hip open, absolutely no flexion or forward bend in the hip area. The muscles in the moving leg and the muscles in the supporting leg are challenged equally. In order to maintain band tension all energy focuses to the core and to the hip. You are going to find that your core becomes tight. As you become more challenged, tighten the muscles in your back. This will help you regain your balance and your posture. Tuck your chin in. This is designed for hip extension. Keep the knee straight at all times. Flare the arms slightly inwards. Keep moving and pressing through the board. Keep the legs going. Keep the legs going. Squeeze the gluts. Extend the hips. These are muscles on the front of your body which help the back of the body achieve balance. A few more repetitions to go. One more repetition and then rest.