(Double side bend)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Double side bend core, obliques
Let’s begin in the ready position. Begin by bringing the elbows forward. As they come forward, let the bands slip behind the elbow joint and place your thumbs securely on your shoulders. Drop the elbow tips down into your body and let the back absorb the tension. We’ll begin by taking a side flexion action to your natural right. And you begin your count. Bend over to one side and then go directly to the other side. The movement is flowed. Continuous flow. Synchronized body movement. We’re working the core. We’re working the muscles in the abdomen, the obliques, the rotators. We’re elongating. We’re squeezing. We’re compressing. As you move to the center, think of reaching upward. Create space in the body before bending over. Make sure the legs are engaged. Chest up. Shoulders back. Sternum pushed forward. Chin tucked in over spine. Bring the elbows into the body. Focus on the core. Focus on bending movements and bending actions. As you move, squeeze, elongate and squeeze again. Oftentimes, focus on the stretching actions. Create space in the body. Create space in the vertebrae. As you fold, breathe out. Compress, breathe and relax. It’s an explode from movement to movement, squeezing as you go; the obliques, the serratus, the intercostals all working in tandem. Pull the chin in, chest up, shoulders back. Squeeze, compress, elongate. Work the spine, work the core. And relax.