Exercise name Muscles involved
Forklift shoulders, biceps, chest
Let’s start in the ready position. Slightly flare your arms inward so your hands are in line with your hips and directly forward. Begin by pressing forward, extending the elbow and then slightly up to chest height. Let’s begin. One, two, three, four and retract. Two, three, four. Push forward, two, three, four. Pull back slightly beyond the body line. As you push forward, keep the shoulders even and level. As you return backwards, squeeze the back muscles. Press, two, three, four. Release. Recognize that the higher the arms go the more intensity you’re going to achieve through the arms and through the chest. The further back your elbows retract the more the back muscles will engage. As you become fatigued, you’ll notice more core connectedness. You will need to strengthen your core and tighten your core to maintain the full arm motion. Keep pushing. Keep pressing. Bend the elbows back. Extend the elbows forward and then bring them back. Here is your tempo count. One, two, three, four. Retract. Bend the elbows back. Squeeze. Let’s keep the arm at hip height and then explode upward. Bring it down. Evolve that movement. Try feeling the core. Connect, connect. Pe it in yoress. Shoulders are involved, your back is involved. Core completely impacted. Chest - tight, strong. I feel the power in you, I seu. Let’s keep it moving. A few more repetitions to go. I'll give you your tempo count. Breathe or count with me. One, two, three, four. Release it, two, three, four. With Freestyler there is no release. All you have to do is hold to the handles and you become the power behind the Freestyler. Keep pushing. If you move, we move - tension coursing throughout your body into your legs. Knees slightly flexed. We're almost there. Pull back and squeeze. Finish strong, exert. Push, push, push.