(Golf swing)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Golf swing core, shoulders
Let’s start in the ready position. Let’s begin by slightly extending the arms in front of you and curling the elbow joints. As you take the arms forward in unison, look at your hands as they extend forward into your sightline. As you pull the arms back, rotate through core. You’re going to feel the muscles in your chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps and legs. Bend the knees. Pull the hips slightly back. Develop a natural swinging action that heads to your knees. Take it down to the lower extremity and then focus it up. As you become more challenged, work even harder. Push. Engage the legs. Ground the body. Feel the hips stabilized, facing forward the entire time. Rotate the head. Feel the shoulders. Feel the back, triceps, chest and most importantly core, working those lateral rotators in the mid section. Natural arm swinging action will develop with power in both the forth position and the follow-through position, rotating core the entire time. Keep the arms close to the body for maximum range of motion. As you rotate, squeeze and press into core. Coil the body up. Achieve maximum tension, pressure and torque for powerful rotation and powerful swinging action. When you're ready return to neutral.