(Good morning)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Good morning core, glutes, hamstrings
Start in ready position. Begin by lifting the elbows toward your chest, taking the elbow tips up, hands placed directly on your chest in a parallel line to the floor. When you’re ready begin by flexing your hip slightly backward. Go into a forward bend position. As you lean over try to keep the knees pointing forward at all times, working the hip flexors. As you come up remember to engage your gluts for the first twenty degrees and then use the erector spinae muscles in the back of the body for the remainder of the movement. As you flex forward into hips. Any forward bending motion requires the muscles in the back of the body. The entire time you must also engage the muscles in the core. Keep the arms up, maintaining maximum tension throughout the entire movement. This is a synchronized full-body movement designed to work the muscles in the hip flexor as well as muscles on the back of the body. The gluts, the hamstrings as you come through the center and you stand erect, squeeze the legs a little bit harder and create tension in the quadriceps - muscles in the leg. The upper body is relaxed and engaged. Feel the muscles in the shoulders, the chest, the biceps, the triceps. Push the sternum forward with each repetition. Drop the shoulders down. Squeeze the back - muscles on the back of the body, the front of the body, the lower body and most importantly muscles that support the spine. All are being worked in this one movement. And when you're ready return to neutral.