(Knee extension)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Knee extension quadriceps, hip flexors, core
Let’s start in the ready position. Turn your bodies 45 degrees to your natural left. Your line of pull will now be behind you. It will be behind you. Let’s begin. Bend the knee and then extend off the board. If you need to release tension, move slightly backward. Keep the foot flexed up. Keep the foot flexed up in dorsiflexion. Move methodically, pushing each time the knee in the fixed position. Keep pushing. This is a leg extension. At the same time the balance is challenged. The moving leg is working as well as the supportive leg. Keep pushing, keep squeezing and stay in dorsiflexion. Keep the arms extended at all times. And let’s change sides. Extend the arms and face your natural right at 45 degrees. Begin by pointing your toe and extending the knee. Begin your lift process and then return to neutral. Forward and return. Again return to dorsiflexion. Maintain your stability. Slow movements will connect you to core. Focus movement to the foot. Push into the board. Use the ground as your natural focus point for balance. Feel the energy into the legs, into the core, through the chest. Feel the shoulders. Keep the arms slightly out. Breathe as you move. The muscles in the leg are being worked. And return to neutral.