(Leg abduction)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Leg abduction outer thighs, core
Let’s start in the ready position. Turn your bodies to your natural right. When your ready extend the leg closes to your TV screen, sideways and slightly forward. Begin. Take it up. Pull it in. As you go forward with that leg and slightly to the side, turn the toe in. Touch the board each time. Your balance is being challenged by the supporting leg. You’re completely balanced on one leg. At the same time the moving leg is engaged. Push, push. As you move, remember to squeeze the core, squeeze the back, chest up, shoulders back. Chin tucked in. And let’s change sides. As you rotate to the other side, find your personal balance. Begin by taking the leg off. And begin. Take it side and slightly forward. Turn that toe out. You will be challenged. The body will want to rotate heel inward. Fight that. Take the toe to the board and as you lift and push out the toe stays rotated inward, working the abductors. Your AB-ductors for a complete lower body picture. This will strengthen and tighten the muscles in the lower body. Core is worked. And relax and return to neutral.