(Leg adduction)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Leg adduction inner thighs, core
Let’s begin with the hands in the ready position. We’re going to work the muscles in the interior thigh and the leg. Let’s begin please. Let’s use the right foot. Slowly bring it across your body to the left side, heel leading first. Than take it to the side. Let’s begin and then take it and point. As you pull through I want you to stabilize all the energy into the opposite side, the non-moving foot. The balance is not shifted from the non-moving foot. Stay completely engaged to one side. The foot moves. With the Freestyler both the moving and the supporting leg are completely engaged. When you are on one foot, your balance and core are challenged. We call this core connected training. By moving the legs – one at a time – we will go ahead and use the core as well. So we are adducting toward your midline. Give me two more please and when you’re ready let’s switch sides. Simply use the other foot. Let’s begin. Engage the arms. Begin your movement. As you push through heel first remember keep the weight on the standing leg only. Don’t shift weight. Touch the board as needed. Touch the board with each repetition. As you swing freely through, inner thigh, upper body is engaged. Arms are holding on to the bands. Chest up, shoulders back. If you feel unsteady, tighten your back and work harder. Keep your arms balanced and even at all times. Chest up, shoulders back, leg moving. Complete synchronized, full-body movements that are slow, controlled, effective and easy to follow. As your core becomes challenged, the balance moves. Return to neutral.