(Multiaxis shoulder press)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Multiaxis shoulder press shoulders, triceps
Start in the ready position. Begin by bringing the elbows in front of your body and let your forearms come in front of your face just a bit. Lift the elbow tips up. Begin by separating the arms to either side and then pressing overhead for structure alignment. Continue moving. Pull the chin into the spine. Pull the hips slightly off behind the board. Flex the knees. Feel the power in the legs, running through the hips connected to the core pressing up into the chest and shoulders. This movement works both back, chest, shoulders, extensions through, core. Keep moving. As you fatigue push deeper into the board. Get more grounded sensation. Let that energy flow through core and explode into the arms, the chest, the shoulders and the back. Keep moving. Breathe as needed. Squeeze the muscles. Bring them in, completely close and then open up. As you push up, breathe out, squeeze, connect core to arms to legs. A complete movement. Focus on the core. As you become fatigued relax. Now work with that energy. Push harder, get stronger. Work your back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, legs. Hips pull back, chest pushes forward. Engage. Connect with your entire body at all times. Feel the power in the chest and the shoulders. Feel the muscles move, feel them ripple. Keep moving. Explode through and relax.