(Reverse butterfly)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Reverse butterfly upper back, shoulders
Let’s start in the ready position. Begin by taking the band in your right hand and placing it in your left. Cross over bands. This is called the cross system band. Let’s begin. Forward flexion of the hip. Bend forward and then bend the knees slightly. Let’s uncross the bands by pulling them apart. Let’s begin. The arms go up and then they return to neutral. As you extend you feel the muscles in the back of your shoulders. Keep the arms slightly bent. Chest up, shoulders back. Engage the core. Keep the knees slightly flexed. As you become more fatigued, push further into the board for more energy. The muscles in the core will connect the energy from the legs to the energy in the arms. Breathe, extension is key. Control the arm movement. Watch yourself as you move through the movement. Maintain the tempo. As you squeeze think chest, back, shoulders. Think complete upper body picture, rounded shoulder caps, back of the body matching the front of the body. Forward hip flexion – chest pushes forward. Sternum engaged, pressing forward as you pull at all times. Squeezing, breathing, contracting. All the muscles of the back of the body working as a team, synchronized. And return to ready position.