Exercise name Muscles involved
Rowing upper back, biceps
Let’s start in the ready position. Begin by placing the tube in your right hand and in your left hand, and cross the tubes over. Next place your feet together with a little bit of forward flexion in the hip. Extend the arms in front of you. Begin by rolling the shoulders forward, going to neutral and then retracting the muscles in the back and the scapulae. Release forward, roll shoulders forward. And go to your tempo. Take it back whenever you’re ready. Remember there’s a shoulder movement and a back movement and then there’s a release. Through the pull, you’re going to feel the muscles in your upper and mid back as well as the latissimus dorsi. It will give you a wide and shapely back. As you extend the arms, roll the shoulders slightly forward, and then when you pull back, squeeze back. Maintain your own tempo with each movement. Keep your chest up, sternum reaching forward at all times. Begin to feel the core, legs, shoulders, back, biceps, triceps. A fully synchronized body experience. Focus on the gluts. Knees are slightly flexed at 20 degrees, engaging the legs adequately. Chest up, shoulders back. Pull your chin into spinal alignment. Breathe and press. Pull. Enjoy the feeling. Squeeze the muscles in the back, extending forward, squeezing backward. Slow, controlled movements. Balanced movements, balanced bodies. And relax. Return to neutral.