(Shoulder lateral raise)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Shoulder lateral raise shoulders
Let’s start in the ready position. Begin by entering in the cross system. The band in your right hand is placed in your left. Switch the left to your right. And we’re ready to start. Spine erect, chin pulled back. Extend the arms slightly to the side but in front of your hip line. And begin. Take it up. Find your position and then release. At some point you may extend the legs to the side to reduce the tension or you may keep your legs slightly more together. The goal is to go slightly lower than your ear. Stay in that nice rounded arm position slightly in advance of your hips. Squeeze your legs by pushing down into the board. This is an entire shoulder movement now working your medial deltoids. You’re also going to experience tension in latissimus dorsi or the muscles in your back. As you lift up, push your chest forward, engaging the muscles in the chest area. In order to stay in balance be sure to engage the core. Chest up, shoulders back, elongating the spine. Pushing trapezeus down. Keep squeezing, keep moving. The muscles in the side of your shoulder are giving you movement and strength for lifting. Picking up objects over head. Keep moving, keep lifting. Maintain your tempo. As you come down feel the core tighten. As you come up feel the shoulders. Into core and release from core. All movement begins in the core and then extends outwards. Keep squeezing. Stay focused. Concentrate. Medial deltoids, back, shoulders, core, back. And return to neutral.