(Shoulder press)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Shoulder press shoulders, triceps
Let’s start in the ready position. Begin by separating your feet to the widest point on the board. There are arrows directly in front of you. Gently bend your knees. If you would like more lower body engagement, take the knees to a 20 degree angle. Let’s begin, please. Take the elbows close to the body. Keep pressing up. At the top of the movement rotate your wrists outward. Bring them in. Take them down through core. And we’ll start our tempo count. Up, two, three, four. Down, two, three, four. Keep pushing, two, three, four. And down. There’s your tempo count for control. At the present time we’re working the muscles in the shoulders. Rotation on top allows you to work the smaller muscles in the back of the shoulder. Your posterior deltoid. As you come down and front you’re working the front muscles, anterior deltoids. Take it up. Be mindful, let’s not drop down the arms too, too far. Keep the elbows up. Keep it moving. Keep it pressing. Tighten the muscles in the legs. If you require more tension, bring your feet closer together. If you need to relax a bit more, there’s no rest for you going into a deeper squat. A deep squat will help but then we put full pressure into the legs and into the gluts. Let’s watch our tempo count. One, two, three, four and release two, three, four. Let’s go up two, three, four and down two, three, four. As you go up take a deep breath in. Squeeze, push, hold. Enjoy the feeling of the power as it goes right through you. Two, three, four and down two, three four. Shoulders in the front of the muscles. Keep it moving. Keep it moving. Slowly. Let’s feel the concentration. I feel the muscles growing, expanding, rounding out the body. The perfect cap, the perfect shoulder, the perfect back. Slow movements are the key to everything. Feel every single part of your shoulder. Front shoulder, back of the shoulder, side of the shoulder. Forearms taking it up. Engage, engage, engage. Feel your core. Press even more. Move even slower. Show me what you’ve got. Take it up. Squeeze. Bring it down. And return to ready position.