(Side bend)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Side bend core, obliques
Let’s start in the ready position, please. Take a side step to your natural right. Drop the band that’s on your right side in front of you gently. Put your hand across your midsection because those are the muscles of engagement. We are about to go to war with your midsection. Extend your arms slightly. Palm up to the ceiling, thumbs slightly turned out and rotated away from you. Let’s bend away from the point of origin for a four-count tempo, keeping the arms tight and then return to your center position. Let’s begin our tempo. One, two, three, squeeze on one side. As you go to the other side maintain tension through the core. In life we don’t just use one side of the body we use both. So now we will train our core muscles in the abdomen to respond to our needs. The need is side flexion, inside flexion. We are also including the touch of stability and control and support. Bring it through two, three, four. Bend over two, three, four. Squeeze. Keep in mind that your midsection has to squeeze tightly down and then on the other side elongate. Keep your chest high. Stay tall. Keep your spine tall. In your mind’s eye – I’m tapping your chin – pull your chin over the spine. Keep moving and you’re going to feel even more engagement in the core. The muscles in the abdomen and the muscles in the side of the abdomen, muscles in the back are all involved in this one simple movement. Take it over to the side two, three, four. Over. Hips pulled slightly back. Let’s continue on. Keep moving. Keep moving through core. Keep moving all the way over. One, two, three, four. Over. Go as far as you can while maintaining tension. Take it over two, three, four. Let’s change sides quickly. Maintain tension in core. Switch bands. Move to the other side of the board and place the band on the floor in front of you. Let’s begin, please. Cross over. Engage the muscles. Feel them. Palm up, wrist up, thumb turned out. Let’s begin. Fold over. One, two, three, four. And release two, three, four. As you bend to one side compress downward into the board. As you come up go up first to the ceiling and then fold over. Take it over. Two, three, four. Be mindful of the arms, muscles in the arms are also engaged. At this time you’re going to feel your chest as well. Chest up, shoulders back. Chin tucked in nicely. Let’s squeeze over. One, two, three, four. And just as you think you head enough go to the other side. Squeeze even harder. Stay engaged. Breathe in. As you move to the other side breathe out hard, deep. Through center, through core. We call this core connected movements. Bending over naturally is an occurrence that we engage in every day. We use this motions when we’re picking things up, lifting, carrying, dragging objects. If you need to relax, separate your feet just a bit. Keep that arm extended. Keep pulling through core. Squeeze and compress. Use your legs a tad, bend your knees, support your back. Keep it moving. Take it over one, two, three, four. Release. Keep smiling, grit your teeth. Breathe. Look at them they’re smiling, gaining their composure. And you’re working just as hard as they are. We feel every movement that we’re engaged in. Shoulders, back, abs, core, obliques, balance. We even have power running through the sides right now. You’re almost home free. Bring it through. Squeeze. Show me what you’ve got. And relax. Return to neutral.