Exercise name Muscles involved
Sprinter core, shoulders
Start in the ready position and prepare for a natural swing by taking your arm forward. At the same time your left hand will extend backwards. Alternate arm positions and continue your movement. Find a natural, rhythmic swing that works for your body. Remember to maintain tension on the bands at all times by slightly bending the elbows backward. It will be a natural, flowing motion designed to be synchronized using the muscles in the chest, in the arms, in the back. Squeeze the legs by bending forward in the hip. Flex the knees lightly. Feel the core. As your arms move, the core will rotate gently but it will maintain pressure. Keep the back and posture aligned at all times. Keep the chin tucked in onto the spine. As you push start going higher and deeper, making sure the bands have complete tension all the time. Breathe, sync up the movement. Think chest, shoulders, bicep, core, leg engagement, hip flexion forward, glut engagement in the back, lower leg pushing into the board driving a grounding effect. Keep tension on the bands at all times and when you’re ready return to neutral.