(Tennis swing)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Tennis swing core, shoulders, chest
Start in the ready position. Begin by moving to the natural right of your board. The leg that has the most tension will also represent the working arm. Extend the working arm to one side. As you pull forward at a 45 degree angle allow the head to follow the natural arm swing generated by the band. And as you release the band allow your body to naturally rotate slightly backward and open. Allow your eyes to follow the band action and return to point of origin with a slight backward rotation. As you move you’re working core and you’re torquing the entire time. Power comes from the core. Power to lift, swing, rotate through center as do the muscles in the oblique and the rotators. As you move breathe, extend, work the side of the body. Feel the tension in the arms, shoulders, back of one half of the body. Slight tension experience in the legs. As you move breathe out. As you extend allow the body to rotate in an open face manner. Pull up. Release back. Move up. And let’s change sides. Take a step to the other side of the board. Take a deep breath in. The leg that experiences tension is also where the working arm is. Begin by moving up. Naturally, the body has learnt to know the pattern. Allow the arm to swing you back with control and then press forward. As you come forward rotate the body slightly each time. Slight rotation forward. Slight rotation open. As you pull keep in mind we’re working the muscles in the abdomen, the muscles in the back, the erector spinae. You’ll feel tension go through the leg into the core which connects all movement. Into the arms. Allow your head to naturally move along with the body. Rotate around the axis of the hip. Allow the arm up and then slowly return it back. As you pull up the muscles in the chest will become fatigued. The muscles in the back will also be utilized. Think back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, core, rotation, axis rotation. Squeeze the leg. Completely and fully synchronized workout. And relax.