(Triceps kickback)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Triceps kickback triceps
Let’s begin in the ready position. We’re about to work the muscles in the arm, the triceps. It requires a one-arm opposite side action. Place the band on your right side on the floor. Now change hands and turn sideways so that you’re facing the point of origin. If you’d like more tension, feel free to push back. Set slightly back or forward for tension. Let’s begin. We’re going to bend the elbow at a 90 degree angle and as you come up rotate the wrist to the ceiling. As you pull it behind you continue that rotation that we experience a triceps kickback. Let’s begin, please. That will be the experimentation of the movement. Let’s extend as a group. Take it back. Phenomenal. Bring it forward. And let’s begin our tempo count. One, two, three, squeeze. One, two, three and hold. Head up, chest up, shoulders up and pressed down reaching through the sternum. Feel free to watch the muscles ripple through your arm and we have wrist rotation at the same time. Keep in mind that you’re back is at a slight angle but it’s strong. The muscles in the erector spinae are in complete alignment to the hip. Chest continues to push forward pressing through sternum. Now let’s focus in on the triceps, the back of the arm. The more rotation you give me the more triceps build-up you give yourself. As you come through breathe in. As you push out release, rotating the wrist. Chest up, shoulders back. Push the sternum through the center. Keep pushing and pressing. You’ve five more reps. Take it through. Breathe, breathe, press. I think I want more from you. Let’s go a little bit more. Give me four more repetitions. On a four-four tempo. Pushing through, pushing through. Keep moving. We have two more repetitions to go. One, two, three, four. Stay focused. I feel that burn. You feel that burn. Press, two, three, four. In and we’re done. 

Let’s change sides, please. Place the handle you just used on the floor and let’s pick up at the other end. There we go. Go ahead and change hands to the other side and turn sideways. The muscles that is not burning is the arm you should be using. You want more tension, more power step back further on that board. Let’s begin, please. Experiment. Pull the elbow back behind the body and as you go through rotate that wrist. Keep the shoulder cap forward. Bend at the elbow joint. And we start. One, two, three, four, rotation. And then through the center. Keep pressing that center chest through the wall in front of you. Keep pressing. Take a moment. Look at that triceps. Watch it ripple. Watch your arms work even getting a little bit of action in the forearm maximizing all the muscles in the arm. Full extension of the elbow. Chest up, shoulders back. Gluts slightly engaged. If you need to reduce the tension, just move to the point of origin in front of you. If you need more – you’re working with me and you’ll need more – then step back. Show me what you’ve got. Let’s go back. Bring it through. Breathe in. One, two, three, four and release that out. Squeeze the legs. Work the legs in conjunction with the triceps. Keep it moving. Here we go. One, two, three, four and then one, two, three, four. Don’t forget that rotation at the end. Push the chest back. Elongate the spine. Elongate the spine. You’ve got four reps left. I’m working. You’re working at home. Let’s keep it moving. Bring it in. Breathe, feel. As you come through you may even feel biceps. Let’s burn together. Let’s push it. Work for me. One, two, three, four. You’ve got one more repetition. Push hard, burn, hold. And when you’re ready stand up straight.