(Triceps V kick)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Triceps V kick triceps, shoulders
Let’s begin with our ready position. At this point we have to cross our bands so the band that’s in your right hand, please, place it in your left. And the band in your left hand, please, place it in your right and assume ready position. The muscles being worked will be the back and the triceps muscles as well as arm engagement. Let’s begin, please. Pull up through center and then extend upward under chin. Take the elbows up into an elbow extension with a little bit of squeeze. Bring it down again into flexion and then straight down. I’ll begin our tempo count. And we begin with. One, two, three, four. Release, two, three, four. Keep the bands well away from the body and then bring them down. One, two and three, four. Up through the shoulders, into the triceps, extension into that a little extra squeeze, working the entire body in a synchronized full-body movement. Engaging muscles in the back, the shoulders, the arms, biceps, triceps. Running it through the core, squeezing the gluts as you hit your full extension. Into the shoulders and bring it down to the center. All movement begins through the core. We call them core connected moves. This particular action uses multiple axis, multiple movers, extreme strength, lots of control. Bring it down. Start to breathe and focus even more deeply. Take it up to extend with power and energy. Bring it down into center. And then slowly release it. We want you to feel every single movement as it pulses through you. And extend outwards. Harness the energy in. Bring it down slowly. Let’s count our tempo. One, two – release with power. Bring it in – one, two – and release it down. We know you’re feeling it. Take it up – one, two. Extend. Breathe. And take it down. Watch as our trainers work along you. Notice their breathing patterns. In – exertion and power. Release and bring it down. One, two, extension through. Bring it in for two. And then take it down for two. Give me four more repetitions, please. Up for two and then out for two. Burn the triceps. Feel them growing. Feel the power coursing through the core into the back. Take it up, core is connected. Triceps, biceps, shoulders connected through the center of your body. Give me three more repetitions. Take it up. Up, two and then explode forward for two. Bring it in. Keep the back strong and shoulders pushed down. Here’s our tempo. One, two, extension for two. Breathe. Release it in. Take it down. Take it on up. Up, two, three, four. Push even harder, you are almost there. Take it down. One more time. Up and when you’re finished push, squeeze, hold. Bring it in and return to neutral.