(Upright row)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Upright row Shoulders, biceps
For the next movement you’re required to cross your bands. What I’d like you to do is take the band that’s in your left hand, place it in your right hand. The band in your right hand place it in your left hand. Begin with your placement please. This will naturally put you into our X-freestyler cross. And we’re prepared to move the trapezius muscles, muscles in the back of the body. Let’s begin. Arms round in front of you, please. The tempo is four four. Take it up for two. One, two, split for two, three, four. Return to neutral. One, two and down. And we’re into our count tempo. Up, two, out, two. In, two and down, two. Up, two and out working chest and back. Bring it in and then slowly take it down. Take the elbow tips up. Keep them well engaged. Pull them back. Expand the chest. Release. When you’re into the downward action always keep in mind to keep the shoulders up. Never rounding the shoulders or muscles in the back. Take your palms to your chest. Take it up, split. Bring it in together. Maintain constant tension. Watch as you go down. Be sure that you’re up and squeezing. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Release. As you go down breathe out slowly. As you lift up breathe in and as you pull back squeeze and breathe out. You’re body is a towel. Squeeze as much out of your towel as you possibly can. Tighten the muscles in the back, in the arms, in the chest. As you’re going down focus on the muscles in the core, the abdomen. Start pulling up with your abdomen as well. Release. Stay relaxed at all times. Let’s begin again. I’ll start your count. One, two, three and split. In for two and down for two. Up, two, three, split. In for two and down for two. Breathe. One, two, apart, relax through. Come on down. Give me a few more repetitions. You’re almost there. Up, work, work, work. Out. You have four more to go. Take it down. Start to focus even more. Become more in tune with your body. Super slow movement will give you complete awareness and self-control. They are easy to follow. They’re efficient. There’s no jerking, no ballistic movement, no injury. Complete focus on the body, self-control. Give me two more repetitions. Breathe, focus. Two at a time. Up and out. Down and through. And relax.