(Overhead triceps extension)

Exercise name Muscles involved
Overhead triceps extension triceps, shoulders
Let’s start in the ready position. Begin by taking your elbows forward. Take your elbows to the side and drop your forearms behind you. We’re going to extend into a triceps overhead press. Let’s begin please. Arms will extend up and then they’ll come down. Separate your legs as needed for tension. And let’s start. Arms up and let’s drop down. As you move through the motion keep in mind that we’re trying to keep the elbows close to the head. The triceps are located on the back of the arms. For them to be engaged we have to be sure to extend fully and explosively. So let’s take it down and when you’re ready take it up. If you need to decrease tension, bend the knees just a bit. Keep in mind that this will place tension and power into the legs. At the present time the power is going from the arms to the core and into the legs. As you push up each time use the board underneath you. Use the board through the feet. Press, press. Take it down. Start to engage the breath. Engage the core. Keep it moving. Triceps help with all lifting exercises. As your elbows flare out to the side, pull them back in. Rein in your arms. As you become fatigued they will go out to the side but with the distance tubing that poses no problem to us. Just keep moving and don’t stop. Keep the tension flowing. Arms to core to legs, repeating that cycle. And when you’re ready return to your ready position.