(Alter. hip extension & Chest squeeze)

Lower body exercise Muscles involved Upper body exercise Muscles involved
Alternate hip extension core, glutes, hams Chest squeeze pecs, shoulders

Let’s continue on with power moves with strength. Let’s take one foot back and let’s prep. This will involve both balance and strength but predominantly balance. Let’s go to the lower body first. Take your hip and put your hand on it. Look at the arrows. Push back and slightly angle out. And then come to center.

Switch sides, please. Take that hip back for an extension and pull it slightly over and then release it. We will be alternating that action. Take your arms out palms facing but not too high. Drop your shoulders down. Find that spot. Notice triceps, biceps and chest are engaged. So don’t go too low and don’t go too high. Find that balance. Go ahead and separate your feet. Bring your arms down. Push into your center. Find your chest. Push up. Now give that extra something. Turn your wrists out and try to straighten your arms. Feel the most delicious sensation go through your body. Let’s try that one more time. Go back to neutral and let’s flow with it. Bring it up and in. This is a complete upper body experience.