(Alternate knee up & Arm swing)

Lower body exercise Muscles involved Upper body exercise Muscles involved
Alternate knee up core, quads, hip flexors Arm swing core, shoulders, biceps

The next two pieces of our power and strength section with which the body really gets engaged. Prep one knee. Not only bend the knee and flex at the hips. Look at the lines they’ve creased. Pull the legs slightly forward if you feel comfortable doing so. Let’s try the other side. Bring it up and then take it up. Let’s go to our arms section. Take one arm back and watch this wrist. Pull it back and as I make that switch I am going to rotate and I am going to try to pull my arm behind me with all my fingers. So that you can see that I am rotating my palms outward. Think about stretching through space, almost a yearning, longing, inviting sensation. So think those thoughts and open up your chest, put your shoulder back and think of an invitation.