(Alternate leg abduction & Golf swing)

Lower body exercise Muscles involved Upper body exercise Muscles involved
Alternate leg abduction core, outer thighs Golf swing core, shoulders

Let’s go to power moves that introduce you to sports you may not necessarily get to enjoy. Let’s start with some lower leg movements and then we’ll show you our little sporty attachment. Take one foot up, hopefully, the leg closes to you. Turn the toes slightly in and by doing that I innovate the outer thigh area. On the other side let’s pull the leg slightly backward and away from you. Lead with the heel and turn the toe slightly in. One more time. Don’t turn your foot out which would be incorrect. Rather turn your toe slightly inward and now you active the outer thigh area. In the middle of our movement we will play golf. 

I love my Freestyler because any sport that I enjoy that needs some practice on I can hop on my Freestyler and simulate the movement. A nice slow swing – golf swing. Let’s go to the other side. The leg closest to you will go in and go out. Put the foot on the floor and turn your toes slightly in to activate the thighs. Put the leg on the other side slightly back and out to the side. In the middle of that we’ll transition with our golf swing. Take it up – you like minigolf – but the Freestyler could motivate you to hit the greens.