(Angled knee extension & biceps triceps)

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A new power move two slide combinations. So let’s begin please. Just rotate your body at a 45 degree angle. In this position you still remain in the center of the board. Don’t go forward and don’t go back. Keep your hands by my side. Feel the tension from one arm and one leg, they work together. Hold this arm high and you’ll have the balance. Lift the leg up, go into your hip, extend your foot, bend the knee and then take it down. Repeat that action. Up. And then out. And then in. And then down. 

Combined with this let’s take one arm back, back and then in. Keep your shoulders down as much as possible and open the hands – if you can – just a little bit. No need to do it too much. If you like to keep them down, do so. Let’s go the other side. Do the leg extension. The foot and arm work together so keep it nice and high enough for balance. Bend. Up. Extend. In. And down. Let’s do it again. Up. Out. In. And down within arm action. So you can rotate the wrist as you see fit or keep them down. Turn them wherever you’re comfortable.