(Angled squat & Diagonal push)

Lower body exercise Muscles involved Upper body exercise Muscles involved
Angled squat quads, outer thighs Diagonal push pecs, shoulders

Get ready for your next power move. We all think it’s power sculpting moves. Let’s learn something a tad different. We are going to activate the thigh area because we’re going to be working and massaging the side of the body. So keep your hands up. Just push to one side and bump it out. Other side. Bump it out. These are the areas in the body you will really be focusing on – the outer thigh position. Let’s go to work. Keep that bump out there. 

Take it down for a few bits. Bring it up. And we’re going to stay on one side of the body for a period. Push it out. You will feel the medial gluts. That little rosy part of your thud in the butt activate. Go to the other side. Find that spot. Push it out well beyond the band if at all possible to get a nice rounded rear. On the next action. This will be your upper body strength action. Stay in the center of the board. Tuck your arm next to your chest. And then push up and down. Actually touch that area so you recognize which muscles you’re working. They are right below your neck line and kind of under your collar bone. Let’s switch sides. Touch that area, hard center and then up you go. Keep it close to the body.