(Diagonal leg curl / Froggy)

Lower body exercise Muscles involved Upper body exercise Muscles involved
Diagonal leg curl core, hams, inner thighs Froggy shoulders, upper back

The next set in our strength and power moves looks like this. Pick up one foot, just change weight lightly. Bend the knee and make an angle behind you. Let the foot dangling behind you just for a second. Let’s switch sides. As you shift, feel what’s engaged: the supporting leg, hamstrings, the lower leg, and the glut insertion. And again back to that thud. The spot between your butt and the thigh – the thud area. That is one of your lower leg moves. The next one is called the froggy. In freestyling we just enjoy moves that work more than one area of your body. Take the hands up. I start to feel my chest and push in. Our bodies are starting to engage – we call it innovation.

So we bring it up. Feel the biceps and then the shoulders. Now extend in front. Now you must feel bicep, tricep and lower arm, and shoulders and back and chest in one motion. Now do the complete action. Take it up. Engage and keep your arms in front as you come down. We call it the Woosh. Just feel woosh and then come up. This action is called the Froggy. Take care not to go too low down to maintain tension on your band. Find the spot right before you decrease tension to come back up with one big woosh.