(Donkey kick & Zen arms)

Lower body exercise Muscles involved Upper body exercise Muscles involved
Donkey kick core, glutes, hams Zen arms shoulders, core, biceps

Let’s try two more moves in your power and strength section. Right away, lift the lower leg up. Push your leg back and extend. We call this action a Donkey kick. So put up, take it back, bring it in and go down. That would be the first strength move. Let’s do it a few more times. Take it up – it involves balance and strength and you also have to have some agility because the weight changes quickly through the move. 

So notice we’re moving quite quickly and you’re engaging your gluts. Next movement, please. It is going to involve a zen arm-like figure. Start off by going under and go through your center. Curve outward and then step slowly with the action. Let’s try that on the other side. Scoop it inward. It’s a soft, gentle movement. And then the other side. So it’s an in action, hands and if you do tai chi think of this as a nice tension-filled tai chi motion glides.