(Front back & Shoulder shrugs)

Lower body exercise Muscles involved Upper body exercise Muscles involved
Front & back core, inner thighs Shoulder shrugs shoulders, upper back

Welcome to another segment of power and strength moves. We actually think of it as power sculpting for the entire body. Your first of two movements looks like this. Extend the toe and bring the heel to the front of board. Extend the toe again and the heel goes to the back of the board. We think of it as a simple one, two, three or as a simple back and forth action. Let’s execute this on both sides of the body. Prep yourselves, keep your hands up and engage your chest and shoulders by pushing down.

Let’s go ahead to the front, to the tap, to the back, to the side. This really does mimic ballet positions. You can put the feet in the extreme position, so check out our ballet section. The next action we are going to engage in a very relaxing shoulder shrug. We are always recommending that you push down and elongate the spine. So pull the elbows back and slightly down, allowing the bands to pull you to the earth. Take the shoulders around and then down, around and then down. As you go down the action really focuses on the downward push and as you push you should feel the muscles separating from the spine in both front and back to get a good sensation through the core.