(Good morning & Rock the baby)

Lower body exercise Muscles involved Upper body exercise Muscles involved
Good morning lower back, glutes, hams Rock the baby core

Let’s go ahead and start your next sequence of power and strength in the lower and upper body as well as the core which connects all three. Let’s start with the legs first. Take a nice wide posture, cross your hands. They’ll be your center. Then softly bend your knees. Pull your hips back. Go down, keeping your hands crossed and maintain tension on the bands never letting them be slack. When coming up, don’t use your back but squeeze your butt and use your hips and extend forward. Let’s try this one more time.

Cross in front, bend the knees, pulling back and sitting down. And then slowly lifting up. This way you’ll activate your gluts, inner thighs and hamstrings, some of the weak areas of your body. The next movement is called Rock the baby. Grab that baby up in your arms, swaddle it in your arms. Now rotate the core only but not the hips. So no matter which way you turn you’re looking for separation of upper body from the lower body. This way you’ll be completely into your core both front and back.