(Kick the ball & Triceps extension)

Lower body exercise Muscles involved Upper body exercise Muscles involved
Kick the ball core, quads, hip flexors Triceps extension triceps

In this power move section there will be two very very simple moves. We designed them to keep you entertained and intrigued. Thery are very simple. Trust me. Bend your knee, keeping the knee in that position execute a little knee extension. So you are going to go straight. Then bend the knee and don’t stop as before but take it all the way back. Be mindful of your Freestyler and keep your foot on the board. Let’s do it again. The foot comes forward and then forward again and then back and then it goes all the way back. For the strength upper body move throw the band over your shoulder anyway you can and pull your elbow toward the ceiling. 

To decrease tension, just move slightly further back on your board. Keep your head perfectly straight and the goal is to keep your elbow close to your ear. Some of us are new so it might slightly flare out. Don’t worry about it just keep reminding you to keep your elbow forward. Let’s try the other side. Take care that you bring it down slowly and cautiously. On the other side of the movement, prep your foot. Extend the lower leg and then take it back and reach it back. There are three to four parts to this movement. Take it forward, forward and then back and back. Let’s go into triceps and go under and over. Go back just a bit if you need to. And then over the head and forward. And always be mindful to keep your elbows close to your ear. To decrease tension go a little back. In the end bring the bands down slowly and cautiously.