(Leg abduction & Cross country skier)

Lower body exercise Muscles involved Upper body exercise Muscles involved
Leg abduction outer thighs, core Cross country skier core, shoulders, upper back

Let’s add two new power and strength moves to your program. You will see more things you can do with your gluts and your inner and outer thighs. We are going to target the outer thighs. It’s called abduction – away from the body. The leg furthest from us, the one all the way on the side is going to pull back, nice and slowly. Let’s pull it back and you are going to feel the outer thigh just a bit. Not only push back but also go slightly to the side to really innovate the muscle. This gives you a totally different experience. This is called the cross country skier. Chest up, shoulders back. 

Even if you never cross country skied, this gives an amazing semblance to cross country skiing. It feels as though you have been cross country skiing for quite a while. Let’s try the other side. Be cautious with that rotation and take time for it. Then take the foot slightly back and then outward. Play with that angle and find the spot. It’s a sweet spot. The sweet spot that really engages the area you want to work and then keep working in that particular area. Start with the arms back and then pull forward.