(Side hip extension & Triceps kickback)

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Side hip extension core, glutes, hams Side triceps kickback triceps

Let’s begin with our next strength move. Let’s turn slightly to the side and just prep the leg that’s furthest from you. The front leg is nice and straight. Then push back the one that is furthest from you as far as you can. And then slowly bring it forward. Don’t do it quickly but enjoy the ride. All the way back and then slowly slowly bring it forth. Let’s do it one more time. Go slowly back and then enjoy the ride forward. We’re using your gluts, hips, inner and outer thigh

Combined with that we’re going to do some triceps work. Pull your elbow back and extend it behind you, quite a bit. Rotate the wrist. Pretend that you’re pulling something behind you as far back as you possibly can. That will really fire and ignite your triceps. Let’s try the other side. Nice and easy. Push back the leg furthest from you. Take it back nice and slow. And you’re going to feel the front band tense because you’re creating that natural tension. Again, take it back and then come forward. Let’s go ahead and use those arms, triceps, the muscles on the back and underneath your arms. Let’s pull them back and pull back as far as you can. And then bring it forward. In your mind’s eye, pretend that you’re going forward and pushing through mud so you get a good extension.