(Squat narrow & Rowing)

Lower body exercise Muscles involved Upper body exercise Muscles involved
Squat narrow quads, glutes, hams Rowing upper back, biceps

Welcome to our purely strength and power moves. We will first teach you how to cross your bands. Take one hand and reach across your board to the other side. Pick up the handle. And then take the other hand and reach across. You are now set to begin your strength portion. The preparatory training for that would be legs together and take your arms up and across your chest. 

Bend your knees and as you go down pull your hips slightly back. You really need to think about squeezing your legs together through the knees and then come on up. So the gluts go back and then you come forth. Try to sit down into it as best you can. That’s your first power move. Your second move requires that you keep your legs together. The same posture. Just bend the elbows back and keep the hands exactly where the lines on the clothing go. And then squeeze your shoulder blades together.