(Squat sway & bottle opener)

Lower body exercise Muscles involved Upper body exercise Muscles involved
Squat sway quads, glutes, hams, thighs Bottle opener core, upper back, biceps

Let’s continue with power moves and strength. Just pure energy. Take one hand and wiggle the fingers and reach across the board to the other side. All the way. Take the other hand and reach across and grab them. Next thing is take the handles up. Roll the wrists inward and be relaxed right in front of your heart center. Take a side step. This is going to be your first action. It is a swaying & squatting action. Out of this position take it a little bit more lateral so you can get through your gluts to the other side.

Let’s just sex it up just a touch. Get sassy and pop out a hip to one side and start to pull that elbow back. Keep your head in one position. But definitely rotate through the side and spiral the hand backward through the center. Let’s try the other side. Begin by extending the band. Pull. Hold it with the fist but then begin to spiral. The body loves spirals it engages and activates.