(Squat wide & Butterfly)

Lower body exercise Muscles involved Upper body exercise Muscles involved
Squat wide quads, glutes, hams Butterfly upper back, shoulders

Let’s begin our pure power move section. Take one hand and reach across at an angle to the other side of the board. Wiggle the other finger and go to the other side. It doesn’t matter which band is in front and which in the back. It will work both ways. Separate your legs just a but and then bring your band up and touch your hands together. This will take the tension off the upper body. Toes are forward and we’re going to do a wide squat. 

Let’s bend down pushing the hips back and then you’re going to come forward. If you need to just turn your toes out a bit as long as the knees will do just that. You don’t have to go all the way down. Go to your own ability. We’re going to interval that. Keep the legs just nicely apart and flex from the hips. Watch the lines on my pants they are going to bend forward. Then open it wide and control the release of the bands. Bend and right now you are completely into your back muscles. Your entire back is activated. This will give you nice long limbs.