(Triple threat & Upright row)

Lower body exercise Muscles involved Upper body exercise Muscles involved
Triple threat quads, glutes, hams, thighs Upright row traps, biceps, shoulders

In this next action – a little nice combo – actually it’s like a triple combo. We call this a triple threat. Let’s play around with it. For first step open your toes and then bring them down. Go up and then turn just a bit. Drop the heel. Go up on your toes and then go neutral. Go up on your toes. Turn a bit. And then go up on your toes again. Let’s talk about the threat. It’s going to be the first portion. Rotate to the side. Back to the center. And then go to the alternate side. All the muscles being used. Gluts, inner thigh, outer thigh, quadriceps. If you ever want to work all these at one time, then triple threat is the thing for you. 

To that we’re going to add something for the back. Take the hands out. Bring them slightly forward and then down. Notice something, you don’t want to go up into your traps. I’m going to keep it nice and low. Coming forward and round and down. Look at the fingers. Forward, around and down. And your back is going to extend, giving you a nice and tiny waistline.