(Wide step squat & Windmill)

Lower body exercise Muscles involved Upper body exercise Muscles involved
Wide step squat quads, glutes, hams, thighs Windmill core, shoulders

Let’s begin with our strength moves section with two pieces and we alternate between these two sections. For move number 1. Let’s prep the foot and take a side step in any direction. Side step then you’re going to close your feet. Bend down and stand up. Let’s do that again. We like to think of this as a toe reach and a heel drop and then you’re going to pull in. Use the maximum muscle innovation. Take it down and up. One more time. So toe, then a heel and then let’s pull it through. Let’s go down and let’s come up. 

Then you’re going to separate the legs. Extend the arms and you’re going to rotate like a windmilling action. Just like this. And if you pull your band nice and high and rotate the wrists. Some of you are going to feel some tension. So take it to a slightly lower position. Notice how the triceps, biceps and shoulders engage quite nicely.