Warm up #1

It’s time to start your Freestyler home gym warm-up. Let’s begin. Take your shoulders up. Look at my fingers and push them down. This warm-up will be simple, quick and effective. It’s designed to rehearse you for what’s to come in your Freestyler. So that you feel a little bit more confident with the experience ahead. Bend the knee for me. Keep it straight. Bend the knee. When you’re on the Freestyler, this will be your walking action. Lift a heel. Push a heel. Keep your hands open and relaxed. If a natural swing develops, go with it. Feel it. Experiment with that swing. Extend the arms. Even when you’re on the Freestyler. 

Your next basic movement will be a side step. Keep those arms coming up. Fingers open. Keep reaching. I feel my chest and back already heating up into my tummy area. Let’s take a side step. Side and down. Side and down. Notice the pace. This is approximately the tempo of your side actions on the Freestyler. 

So we’re training the body for distance on the board - that’s why I’m on the mat right now – as well as for tempo. Side – let’s go a little lower. Side – a little up. Keep the body tall. Chest up and shoulders back. Your next step is three to the side. One, two, three. And a hold. Put your hands on the hips and just for now pretend you’re holding your Freestyler handles. Pull your shoulders back. Nice and tall. One more time. Extend the arms just a bit. Pull into your core. Your core is your front of the body or the back. One more time. Extend the arms slowly. Then pull them in nice and deep. Breathe. Pull it in. 

And let’s return to that shoulder shrug. Up, exhale. One more time. Up. Look at my hands. Nice and relaxed. I’m going to open up the chest just a little bit more. Release it down. One more time. And open (inhaling and exhaling). Let’s go to work on our Freestylers.