Warm up #2

Let’s begin with some arm circles up. Keep your hands loosely open and as we circle around begin to breathe. Feel the joints opening up as you extend the shoulders to the back. Give me a few more repetitions as you prepare for transition moves. Breathing all the way through, extend the arms. Work the elbow joints. Feel the shoulders and the back and the neck. Work through core. Let’s change position. Round the shoulders forward. Rotate the thumbs out. Breathe in. As you breathe in your chest will expand. Rotate the wrist forward and then open up. Keep the hip neutral. Start to take that movement up just a bit more. Let’s prepare to dive in. And off we go. 

Dive rounding out the back and open up. Breathe in. Dive forward and then open back and pull. Forward with breath working the spine and preparing to work a little bit harder. Fold over gently. Extend the arms. Keep the hips flexed back and keep the knees bent. Go to your natural ability and range. As you pull up slowly round the back. Breathe in. Push one arm up. Press the other down. Switch. As you change positions in center look down. Arm comes up other one goes down. Elbow joints pressing down, triceps extending. Let’s open up and extend some more. Reaching, center position, arms open. Drop the shoulders down each time. Pretend you’re slicing the air with your fingers. Breathe. You’re going to feel your body begin to warm up. These are called dynamic stretch moves. They’re extremely effective. And even though we are in one position we can feel the core engaging. Legs are tight. Arms are slicing. Sit, reach and then pull back. As you reach lift up. And then release. Push. Hips go back and you’re bending. Stretch forward as far as you’re able to and again go to your own ability and range. Let’s transition moves. Lift a leg, find the balance. Lift up and hold. Switch. Find your balance. Lift up and press slightly.

Switch. Take a side step. Touch. Press into your hand. Take a side step. Feel your legs begin to warm up, core engaging the entire time. Press and lift up. Breathe in. Open the arms. Down we go. Hold position and hold position. Let’s take it into a side. Elbow extends. Alternating sides. Elbow extends, breathing as you go. Hands are loosely held, pulling and rotating gently but not too much. Elbow up, chest up, shoulders back. Press, rib cage extending. Keep the hands loose and relaxed. Put your feet together and relax.