Warm up #3

Begin by placing your hands on your hips. Push down and tighten your legs. Let’s begin. Take the arms up and as they come down bend the knees gently with hips going back. Take the arms up one more time. Extending, extending. As you come down one arm goes to your hip. The other reaches over, bends the elbow and pulls down. Change sides. Arm goes over, elongating. Squeeze and make a fist. Pull down. 

Create some internal tension. Take both arms up and squeeze both arms down. Fold the wrist forward. Interlock. Press. Arms flat out. Take it behind you and lift your chest through, breathing deeply. Expand the chest. One more time. Pushing back and pulling, holding and lifting. Let’s work it into the lower body. Leg is straight, one knee is bent. Press gently. Feel the tension behind the leg. Switch sides. Heel down, pushing, pressing. Legs engaging. Feet apart. Take the arms up. Pressing, pressing, pressing, pushing down. As you move bend the knees. Lift up. Press down one more time. And return to neutral.