Warm up #4

This is a warm up designed to work motor patterns and prepare you for the Freestyler experience. Let’s begin. One arm forward, one arm back. Alternate. Pull and push at the same time, squeezing the entire time as though you’re running. Next movement, bend the hips. Arms up, push down. We use this movement quite often in Freestyler. It is a full body movement, taking the arms up, holding and squeezing. Let’s do that one more time. Next shift weight and pick up the leg. Press. This movement is designed to prepare you for our balance sections. Switch legs. Hold and press. Shift weight to the entire side of the body. Next bend the knees.

Take the arms up, over and around. Working and engaging the core. Up, over, turning the head. And let’s change sides. Over. Feel the core. Over. And then relax. Let’s repeat that sequence. One arm forward. Pull back. Forward making a fist. Pull back. Relax. Arms swim up and down. Looking up, pressing down. Give me two more reps. Use your hands as needed. Find your own tempo as you move through the motion. Engage your core. Find your balance and press. Shift weight completely to one side and then the other. Start to engage your breath. One more time. Let’s go into our bend and fold series. Arms go down, working core. Rotate around. Use your head. Breathing out. And let’s switch sides. Up and over, reaching and pressing the entire time. Preparing your body for work. And relax.