Warm up #5

Let’s try a dynamic movement warm up. Separate the legs. And as you separate start to pick them up. Bend the elbow and smoothly shift from one side to the other. Both arm and leg are on one side and heavy. Start pushing down. Down and lift up. Engage the chest. Pick up and press. Keep moving. Slowly place the hands down move a little bit more briskly. Shifting, squeezing. Knees are bent at a 20 degree angle, warming up the gluts. Bring the feet into center. Pump, pump. Hands in front. The goal is for the leg to touch the palm. Lift. Lift. Lift.

Add some core. Shoulders are square. Body rotates around a fixed point. Keep moving. Keep lifting up a little bit higher. Separate the legs. Pump, pump. Pretend you’re running, reaching, lifting. Stretch it out. Slow it down. Pick up and down. Find the movement, reaching each time. Return to center. Arms up. Arms down. Arms up. Bring them down. Give me two more. Up. Feel the legs warming up. And one more time. Legs will go apart. Out and bring them in. Out, in and squeeze. Out, in, squeeze. Each time that you squeeze make a bicep. Out, in. Add tempo. Out, in. Out, in. Flex the arms, in. Knees are bent. Slowly straighten up. In. Fold. Lift. Fold. Lift. Fold. Lift. Separate. Pump the arms. Tap the foot. At the same time feel your hamstrings. Pump. Slow down. Reach up and lift. Reach up and lift. Reach up and lift. And uppercut. Pump, push. Each time go down to slow movement and then speed up just a bit, rotating core. Take a deep breath in and relax.