Warm up #6

Let’s begin with our empowered moves. Palms up, curl the fingers in. Thumb over fingers, palms facing you. Bend down, press up through the legs. Protect the chin. Protect the face. Duck under your own arms. Press down and up. This time down and up at an angle. I want you to look around your hands. Feel the legs begin to warm up and your core is tight. Your arms engaged. You’re peeking around the corner. Be sure to add more weight as you go. Think of this as bobbing and weaving. Arms protecting face the entire time. Rest for just a second. One more time. Find your power stance and the hands with thumbs over. Chest up, shoulders back. Turn the body sideways. Extend one arm in a forward jab and then release. Extend and release. Extend, release. Switch sides. Take it forward. As you come in pull. Take it forward and squeeze. Give me two more. Protect the face. One more. And relax. Rotate the core. Think of lifting up and saddling. Up and saddle. Up and saddle. Protect the face at all times. Keep the arms engaged. Be solid on your feet. Next arms go to the side. Arms block. Arms go to the side. Arms block. Give me two more repetitions. Protect the face. Next elbows flare out. Release. Flare out and push down. Maintain that fist at all times. Create some tension through the body. We’re moving it slowly but you’re squeezing and learning the technique the entire time. Let’s take it to an elbow. Elbow out, pull down. Elbow out, protect the face. Elbow out, pull down. Out, always return back to your neutral position. Relax the arms. Turn slightly sideways. One arm in front, one arm behind. Flex the arms. Back arm, round it out a bit. Release. Let’s go on to that forward foot. Take it into the core, into the side of the body each time. Breathe. Breathe. And relax.

Switch to the other side. Turn sideways. One arm up, other arm up. Bend, bend. Circle it a bit. And begin. This is called a cross punch. Take it into core. You’ll find that you’re forced to breathe. Let’s go into that position and release the back foot each time. Punching out. Controlled and very, very strong. Place your hands beside you. Push down. Relax the muscles in the neckline. Feel strength in the arms. And release. Feet come together. Palms down. Lift one leg. Notice the foot – flexed. Adjust a bit and lean back. Press. Lean back just a bit but as if someone were approaching you, you are leaning away. Look at the foot – flexed. And flexed. In a side position, the foot goes in and then out. And then it releases. Protect the face, in, out and then release. In, out and release. Tap, find the balance and release. Other side. Palms under chin, protecting. Tap, find the balance and release. Tap, out and release. Notice the foot. Bend the knee as needed. Tap, out and release. To the back. One leg goes back. Always remember which one is first. Tap, push back through the heel and release. Same foot. Tap, push back through the heel and release. Maintain tension in the arms. Tap, push back through the heels. Give me one more time. I’d like you to stay on each side for as long as you like. One more time. Breathe. Tap, extend through the heel, release. Protect the face. Tap, extend, release. Tap. One more time. Finish strong. Rotate the core. Rotate. Extend. Rotate. Extend. Protect the chin. Extend. Core engaged. Extend. And relax.