Young In Mind And Body: Fight Osteoporosis With Freestyler

It is often said, aging is only in the mind and in many ways, the saying is true. However, over time, the body does begin to show signs of age, no matter how disciplined a person’s mind is about "thinking young.” One common symptom of aging, and especially so in women, is weakening bone density—also known as osteoporosis. A large factor in the development in this condition results from dietary deficiencies and men and women alike, should assure a diet high in calcium to maintain strong bone density.

However, a commonly overlooked way to fight osteoporosis is exercise. Functional dynamics Inc. has developed the Freestyler cross trainer, a tool that utilizes band technology to improve flexibility, muscle strength, core toning and importantly, bone density. The inexpensive tool is now a common staple at many fitness clubs nationwide. It is also available for in-home use so those reluctant to go to the gym can achieve their fitness goals from home.

Complete with videos, the Freestyler cross trainer provides one of the leading osteoporosis treatment routines available. By spending as little as thirty minutes, four times a week, following an osteoporosis workout routine, aging men and women can prevent a condition that would otherwise put them at risk for broken bones in the event of a fall. A broken hip, shoulder, knee or elbow are all common occurrences as people age, but with a disciplined exercise routine that targets improved bone density, people of all ages can remain active and worry free.