Freestyler "Group Fitness Formula" education module

This module is intented for fitnes professionals or anyone that would like to start a fitness career. Crash course module was developed by a team of international fitness professionals ranging from renowned fitness and aerobic presenters, personal trainers to kinesiology experts. Main focus is on teaching what is functional exercising and how to create functional workouts on the Freestyler.

Freestyler "Group Fitness Formula” presentation/education (120 minutes module) "Crash course” education with the support of already prepared explanatory presentation video tutorials and partial live demonstrations.

1. Handouts (given at beginning of crash course)

2. Introduction (10 mins)
10 secrets of the Freestyler(click and play a video on projector screen)

3. Freestyler handling (10 mins)

4. Exercise presentation (60 mins)
Exercise presentation(10 reps each)
Click on each separate link on the exercise bootcamp page and go through exercises (10 reps each), showing both exercise form and technique

5. Online support presentation
- show website, landing pages
- show "Create your own choreography” video center
- show option of further individual education on the Freestyler use (manual for fitness professionals)

6. Certification at the end of crash course (each individual does it at home)
- solve thetest onlineand becomeFreestyler instructor
- solve thetest online, upload 10 min choreography to your youtube channel (send link and becomeFreestyler master trainer

7. Business opportunity presentation
Show where to sign up forFreestyler partner systemand go over what you can do as individual.

1. To provide simple understanding of terminology commonly used in group fitness and functional training
2. Design a class for multiple abilities incorporating trilogy paradigm, demonstrate multi-axis multi-planar movements
3. Become proficient in correct usage, safety, and cuing of the Freestyler
4. To provide technique assistance
5. To provide group fitness teaching tips