• Freestyler is super easy, simple & fun

    As a fitness professional, I saw zillion of different fitness workout stations so I was totally surprised how well-made Freestyler is. My trainees can use it for both a strength and toning workout at the same time. It shapes the body and at the same time calms you down. My clients say it's the perfect solution after a busy day.

    Svetlana Kazatchok

    International presenter & educator, Moscow, Russia
  • Clients totally love Freestyler classes!

    When I first got to know the Freestyler, I was totally amazed. This device offers an effective, easy and fun whole body workout that makes the clients in my fitness center go crazy! It is a true and ultimate fat burner and a professional body shaper in one. Click here for video testimonial

    Dirk Jan van Heiningen

    Dutch international fitness presenter & educator, fitness club owner
  • Fitness instructors are amazed with endless workout possibilities

    The Freestyler group workout system contains a diverse set of different classes which are constantly updated with new workouts. In this way instructors and fitness centers are able to pick from different workouts which best suit their clients’ needs. Click here for video testimonial

    Jutta Schuhn

    German International fitness presenter & educator, Head of group fitness at Fitness first, Germany
  • Clients simply cannot get bored.They are just loving it!

    But what’s even more important: it is extremely efficient. It enables a whole body workout plus it is a fat burner and professional body shaper in one. I think that’s the main reason for client satisfaction: they see the results in a matter of weeks! Click here for video testimonial

    Fitzroy Gaynes

    International presenter & educator, personal trainer, London, UK
  • Freestyler empowers you and you are going to feel great

    Freestyler is a great new way of training not only for group exercise but also for personal trainers, Pilates specialists, physiotherapists and dancers. A functional way of training is the new approach to training all over the world and Freestyler can offer exactly that! It’s a great tool for toning and strengthening with an element of fun!

    Eva Karafiatova

    Fitness professional, UK