Ballet core training on the Freestyler

The Freestyler exercise system, and its unique brand of functional training has made great improvements to all types of dance. It provides the tension needed to really work all of your muscles, without putting unnatural constraints on the dancing body. Dancers can still up their heart rates and have fun shaking their booties to the beat, but they can also build strength and tone muscle far more effectively.

Freestyler is designed around the unique concept of Functional Dynamics technique. Unlike most exercise machines, which force individual muscle groups to move in ways that they do not move during normal, everyday activity, Freestyler works with the muscles' natural movements to build functional strength that can be used day to day. 

With a specialized program for ballet dancers it is extremely useful for enhancing the ballet performance. Our ballet core training program will increase strength in legs and arms and improve balance. A Freestyler ballet workout minimizes the risk of dance related injuries by making the muscles around your joints stronger!

The Freestyler provides a specialized ballet dancing video completely adapted to the needs of ballet dancers but also a variety of videos in the Freestyler Online Video center one can use for dance conditioning and never get bored.