Elbow Rehabilitation Programs

Elbow pain can be caused by various health conditions such as arthritis, an injury to the arm and elbow area, tendonitis, cubital tunnel syndrome, dislocating the elbow, a fracture to the elbow or tennis elbow. Elbow exercises can minimize pain in this area and prevent injuries. Such elbow exercises can be performed effectively with the use of the Freestyler.

The Freestyler is very useful in enhancing the body's range of motion and improving the stabilization of the different joints. The elbow mobility exercises in the online video center allow you to easily progress from one exercise to another.

Many therapists have added Freestyler's Elbow Physiotherapy program into their rehabilitation protocols and treatment for tennis elbow painbecause they have discovered that the whole system is beneficial to a wide range of patients with different level of pain and stages of injuries and recoveries.

Physiotherapist assistants, on the other hand, are happy about the way the Freestyler's ElbowPhysiotherapy program has been designed because there is no need for them to hold the tubes since the patients can very well do that on their own. The different tube strengths allow for faster progressive recovery.

The Freestyler program offers elbow rehabilitation training equipment that allows patients to get involved in a highly stimulating and almost painless training activity, with balance and flexibility in movements, as the main focus in order to allow patients to go back to their normal lives quicker.