Nika Kljun

5 times Hip hop dance world champion
I have been dancing my whole life. My parents own a big dancing school, Bolero, and I was always a part of the daily dance school routine.

A year ago I stumbled upon the Freestyler. I found out about it on the internet, since many of my fellow dancers had already been using it. Amongst them are a few world champions. They recommended the Freestyler to me as a tool that would increase my physical abilities and that increase would also spawn better performance on the dance floor.

At the time, I felt my dancing was not progressing enough, so I decided to give it a try. After only a few workouts on the Freestyler my body started to feel differently. I was toned, I felt strong. I continued working out on the Freestyler for a whole month and after that period I really felt my dancing was going through the roof. I felt I could do anything with my body.

All my friends and fellow competitors within the dance school were noticing drastic changes in my dance performance. I kept exercising on the Freestyler and the competitions came. I was strong, I was confident, my body appeared toned and judges saw that. I improved all my scores and soon became an elite dancer, claiming world titles in hip hop and in group formations. I also shaped up my body along the way, an extra benefit!

I still compete at the top level and we have also introduced Freestyler in our dance school, because I want to share my experience with other dancers. I cannot stress enough the importance of the good physical preparation the Freestyler provides and what impact it has on overall performance in dancing. You get the power where you need it and when you need it!
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