Urban Praprotnik

Ex top athlete, award winning researcher & running coach
As a running coach I work with professional athletes as well as normal people who like running and wish to improve their technique. Therefore it is crucial for me to come up with training that brings results for different target groups. I was looking for equipment that would be easy to use and transport and most importantly: something efficient.
When exercising in a nonfunctional environment such as on classic fitness machines or in a way that does not allow you to train for your sport specific functional demands, your exercise routine becomes impaired and fails to deliver the desired results. Researchers and experts in the field of sport advocate functional training - it’s a global trend that cannot be ignored. And then I discovered the Freestyler…

What I like about the Freestyler is that you can simulate almost any sports technique or movement. I realized that functional exercising is really the best way to practice. You get strength and power where you need it and when you need it.

On top of that, working out on the Freestyler prevents injuries which present a hazard in the career of every athlete. With multi-axis movements, which are completely supported on the Freestyler, muscles surrounding the joints are strengthened. This means much stronger and more stable joints and therefore much less possibility for any kind of injury.

I recommend it to everyone I coach, to all running enthusiasts, as well as anyone involved in any form of sporting activity. I guarantee you that your results will improve and injuries will not be your biggest fear anymore!
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